Our team of mechanical integrity and materials engineering experts comprises professionals with extensive backgrounds in former owner-operator roles. We leverage our comprehensive skillset to develop, implement, repair, or improve mechanical integrity programs within industrial facilities. Our services encompass the full lifecycle of mechanical integrity programs, spanning from inception to completion, or any stage in between, all aimed at ensuring your operational safety and reliability. Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Designing Comprehensive Mechanical Integrity Programs
  • Developing and Implementing Right-sized Inspection Plans
  • Executing Data Analysis and Management
  • Performing Damage Mechanism Reviews
  • Determining Failure Modes
  • Conducting Probability of Failure Assessments
  • Conducting Consequence of Failure Evaluations
  • Prioritizing Risks and Assets Methodically
  • Evaluating Inspection Program Effectiveness
  • Implementing, Migrating, or Converting MI Software
  • Establishing Systemization and Circuitization Processes
  • Determining Appropriate Mitigation Tasks

Our commitment is to deliver meticulous solutions that align with the highest professional standards, contributing to the sustained and secure functioning of your industrial operations.

GRSA is well-equipped to implement time-based or RBI mechanical integrity programs using the software platform of our clients’ choice. We are equipped to offer software recommendations tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Our proficiency extends across a range of software environments, with some of the prevailing options being:

  • Antea
  • Credo
  • GE APM
  • PCMS
  • Other Access Databases
  • Streamlined Excel Databases

It is noteworthy that we maintain a partnership with Antea, a renowned cloud-based software solution that has garnered global trust within the process industries since 1989. This collaborative association underlines our commitment to leveraging established and reliable resources to benefit our clients’ operational excellence.

We have extensive experience in supporting both onsite and fully remote.
10 +

years average experience / engineer

50 %

from owner-operator backgrounds

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